Today, you need a proven digital marketing strategy

IBM CMO CEO study Big Data Analytics Social Mobile DigitalIn a 2014 study of CMO study, IBM found CEOs & CMOs are “losing sleep” over a number of significant strategic issues.  The top 4 are:

  • Explosion of Data – Today, Big Data “rules” & your company needs to understand how to incorporate real-time & new, persona based behavioral data to drive your marketing & customer service programs.
  • Impact of Social Media – Social Media creates a number of headaches for senior management.  First, it is a significant part of your consumer’s decision process.  Second, it is always in a state of change & turmoil.  Remember MySpace & Second Life?  What is hot today is ignored tomorrow [and your business investment goes with it!]
  • Growth of Channel & Device Choices – Today, you need a digital strategy which incorporates social, mobile & traditional media channels…and more are being added every day.

What you need now is a digital marketing strategy designed to address these critical challenges.  This is our mission at Marketing Synergy.  Since 1990, we have consulted with companies to help you create holistic, flexible, measurable, & justifiable digital marketing strategies.  There digital strategies are designed to grow your market share & build stronger customer relationships for your highest value business & consumer markets.  Every one of our consulting projects develops key business metrics for you to know you are reaching your strategic business goals.  From start-ups to Fortune 100 business, we can help you quickly impact your high value & high opportunity markets & help you acquire them with trackable, high impact marketing programs.

Created from key Consumer Insights

In the past, companies were driven by demography & other descriptive variables.  Today, the marketplace is driven by real-time behaviors, peer-to-peer discussions & real-time engagements.  For the last decade, Marketing Synergy has been building business strategies and specific marketing programs using digital analytics [link to digital analytics page].  We are experts in using social monitoring to identify the types of social sites being used by your high value markets, determine the topics they are discussing & how they feel about them and what they are saying about you, your products, and your competition.  In addition, we help you identify the influencers & topic experts who are keys to linking to your high value markets in the social cloud.  Today, consumers rule the marketplace and you need to hear what they are saying to best engage & start two-way conversations with the markets you need to develop.

Built on an Integrated, Analytics-based Marketing Database

In 1990, Marketing Synergy started in database development and data analytics.  Today, it is still a cornerstone in our business and should be the same in yours.  You need a database which can drive sophisticated marketing programs across all of the media channels preferred by your high value markets.  And, in the near future, your database needs to integrate with real-time actions on your website & social pages to drive automated marketing communications, at the right time, to your customers and prospects.  Marketing Synergy has helped companies from Meredith Corporation & Time Warner to small not-for-profits to build databases and marketing analytics to drive profitable, effective marketing programs.

Driving Relevant, Empowering Content using proven digital strategies

Business and Consumer markets are all being driven by the “3 Any” Challenge.  They want content and information at Any Time, Any Where, Using Any Media they desire.  To accomplish this goal, you need a holistic, consumer centric marketing strategy and high impact marketing program to drive your business in today’s digital, cloud based world.  Whether you are a brick & mortar or eCommerce organization, you need the consumer insights, analytics-based database and proven marketing programs from Marketing Synergy.

Marketing Synergy can tailor a program to meet your needs and your budget. We can provide business and market consulting designed to address your business challenges – large or small.  Click HERE, tell us your business challenge, & let Marketing Synergy provide you with a proposal and the information you need to show how we can quickly help you achieve your business goals.

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