Randy Hlavac is one of the most experienced digital marketing consultants who can help you increase profits and grow market share in your high value markets. 

Since 1990, his company – Marketing Synergy Inc – has been helping companies develop holistic, metrics driven digital marketing and social media marketing programs. From global corporations to hyper-local startups and everything in between, Randy has the methodology to help you reach your goals.

Randy starts with a discovery process to better understand your industry, your company’s position within it, your target markets and the performance of your current marketing programs.  After assessing your business challenges, Randy will create a custom tailored solution to help you achieve your business goals.

Randy’s goal is to help you create a marketing strategy coordinating your social, web, mobile and traditional marketing channels into a single holistic plan.  The plan will provide you with success metrics and KPIs to allow you to manage your strategy from conception to final campaign. 

“One of the things I stress is the importance of continual learning.  Your marketing strategies must incorporate metrics which allow you to measure every step from first contact to final sale.  By establishing the critical KPIs for each marketing investment you make, you can identify the areas if inefficiency.  We can then test to improve efficiency resulting in greater profits for your firm.  Targeting, testing and metrics are the foundations of a success marketing program”

Randy uses a proven digital marketing program designed and tested by Google and YouTube.  It is designed to centrally plan and coordinate your traditional sales and marketing programs with your social, web, and mobile programs. Whether you are a large, multi-national corporation or a business startup, Randy has the proven business approach to scale to your objectives and goals.

Contact Randy today to learn how he can help you develop a more effective marketing strategy.