Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics

Today, there are conversations about your company, your competitors and your products and services.  However, most companies don’t know how to monitor them and, more importantly, how to integrate social monitoring into their business strategies and marketing tactics.  We often talk to companies who purchased social monitoring systems, tried to find conversations about their company & then abandoned them because they found nothing useful to use.  We will help you avoid this situation.

Marketing Synergy – A leader in Digital Analytics

We began using digital analytics [also called social monitoring] over 10 years ago…just as the monitoring industry started.  Using advanced social monitoring systems, we help companies find the important social conversations throughout the social cloud and then help them develop the marketing and customer service systems to take advantage of these digital insights.

We generally start with a low-cost social monitoring project designed to leverage our social monitoring expertise to find the business & community conversations relevant to your organization.  While this initial listening project is low-cost, it is high impact for your company.  In a social monitoring project we:

  • Identify and quantify your social footprint & the footprint of your competitors
  • Determine the trend of relevant conversations over time
  • Identify if the conversations are positive or negative
  • Find the communities which are discussing your products & identify the hash tags & keywords they are using to communicate
  • Locate the influencers at the center of key conversations & develop strategies to engage them

Today, you need to hear what people are saying about you on social.  Marketing Synergy can help you get started and, after you learn of the power and importance of digital analysis, we can help you incorporate it into your organization or help you outsource it.

Using the Most Advanced Social Monitoring Systems

There are many social monitoring and digital analytics systems in the marketplace and each has different business potential for you.  At Marketing Synergy, we actively use everything from the free systems like SocialMention & WeFollow to the highly sophisticated, pay-per-use systems like IBM’s Social Monitoring Analytics system, Radian6 from Salesforce, Netbase and others.  We are in active engagement with the developers of these systems and are frequently asked to suggest improvements to make them more effective.  Because we have and use these systems nearly every day, we can help your organization select the best system for your business and marketing challenges.  We are system “agnostic” but experienced in all of them to allow us to develop social monitoring solutions best suited to your organization, your budget, and your needs.

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Designed to Drive Crisis Management & Digital Marketing Programs

Social monitoring is not just a research exercise, it provides your company with important capabilities in today’s digital landscape.  A well-designed digital monitoring system from Marketing Synergy will provide your company with:

  • Crisis Management Capabilities – Today, people are most likely to talk to each other on social media BEFORE they talk to you.  Marketing Synergy has developed social monitoring systems which have given management a way to spot trouble with products, personnel or business and PREEMPTIVELY  address the issue before it became a problem.  By monitoring social, you can spot trouble before it “goes viral” and quickly address the problem before it becomes too big.
  • Monitor the Competition and Your Business – We have developed systems which allow our clients to monitor key contracts as they are being considered by clients and prospects.  In addition, our social monitoring systems allow you to monitor the topics being discussed about you and your competition.  With sentiment analysis, you can compare your company to your competition – topic by topic – to determine who is most favored by your customers and prospects,
  • Drive Your Digital Marketing Programs – Influencers are the people you need to develop.  They talk to your exact target markets and, if they are your advocates, can bring to business.  In addition, people interested in your products & services are engaging with each other on a number of levels in what we call the social pyramid.  With a well designed digital monitoring analysis from MSI, you will be able to build social marketing programs which engage your target markets on the social media channels they are using.  It gets your company maximum penetration with minimal effort.

Contact us for more information on our digital analysis systems.  We can run them or we will help you install them for internal use.

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