IBM Institute for Business Value

IBM has created a new site designed to help marketing, entrepreneurs and business executives keep up on the latest trends in new technologies.  Called “IBM Institute for Business Value“, the site include thought leadership in areas like security, IoT, AI / Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and a range of other technologies.  It includes the newest articles as well as case studies.  On this free site, you can search for specific technologies, search for information by industry or you can sort by global areas to find relevant information “close to home”.  A fantastic and up-to-date resource from IBM.  Worth your time to explore.  Watch this short, 60-second video to best use this great resource.

Today, you need to integrate curated and created content to form a consistent stream of relevant and timely content to your high value audiences.  This video will show you how it is done.

Adobe CMO Site

CMO Adobe digital marketing creative content

The CMO – Digital Marketing Strategies & Trends from Adobe

If you are looking for inspiration of great content and graphics and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategies, look no further than The CMO from Adobe.   It provides thought leadership content from CMOs and graphics designers, digital marketing strategies, interviews, and trends to keep you up-to-date on how to best incorporate digital into your marketing strategies and tactics.  Take a few minutes to check out The CMO from Adobe!