Marketing Synergy is dedicated to providing digital marketing and Big Data analytics services to our customers.  Started in 1990, we have continually focused on transforming data & predictive systems into highly profitable marketing programs for our clients.  As an organization, MSI doesn’t advertise or promote our services.  Our growth for over 20 years has been through word-of-mouth advertising by our satisfied clients.

In today’s digital world, we have four services our clients found effective in develop their social, mobile & integrated marketing strategies.  They are:

  • Consulting services – We are experts in helping you create an effective marketing strategy founded on KPIs, ROI, and break-even metrics.  We can then take those plans and help you create effective marketing programs designed to grow market share and increase the relationship you have with your current customers.  We can provide you the analytics, database, and digital marketing expertise you need to maximize growth … profitably.
  • Social IMC – We wrote the book on digital strategy and how best to develop your social and mobile marketing programs.  The key to success is NOT to focus on specific social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn but, rather, to deeply understand where and how your high value markets are using social today.  In examining companies worldwide, what we found is they start with the social footprint of their high value target markets and then determine the type of relationship they want to have with each of them.  If you know the relationship, it determines the social strategy you need to deploy.  Social IMC shows you the 3 digital strategies used by companies today and shows you how to pick the right one for your high value markets.
  • Digital Analytics –  Often, companies purchase a social monitoring system and then attempt to listen in on discussions about them….only to be disappointed.  Digital analysis is critical to your success in using social and mobile technologies but, to a great extent, it is as much art as science.  You need experienced marketers who are social monitoring experts to integrate monitoring into your company’s strategies and tactics.  We have been doing it for over 10 years and can help you monitor your markets, competition, and contracts to best build your business strategies.
  • Training Seminars – With over 25 years in business education, MSI is frequently asked to develop specialty training seminars to help businesses address their business and marketing needs.  We create seminars to address your specific business challenges.  We have built seminars on tracking systems, building a marketing plan with metrics, measurement systems, social monitoring, developing your professional persona on social, Nurture marketing systems, marketing automation and a host of other topics.  If you have a training need to help you achieve your business objectives, we can design a program to get you there.


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