Randy Hlavac’s book – Social IMC – and his Coursera online Specialization “Social Media Marketing” – one of the largest marketing specialization programs in the world – have allow businesses throughout the world to build profitable social media marketing programs.

At Northwestern University, Randy teaches graduate, undergraduate, online and on-ground social media marketing programs.  These programs work with entrepreneurs and business startups around the world.  These programs help companies grow market share, outflank competition, and build strong relationships with the high value markets.

Randy Hlavac is uniquely positioned to help your social media marketing strategy because:

  • Randy has more than 38 years working with businesses, not-for-profit and governmental organizations to build successful integrated marketing and social media marketing programs

  • For more than 25 years, Randy’s company – Marketing Synergy Inc – developed predictive and lifetime value models, business and marketing database systems, and tracking and testing systems designed to test, measure and analyze all aspects of your business.  Business today are metrics driven and metrics are the heart of our marketing programs.

  • Randy’s experience with companies ranging from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 100 allows him to tailor your social media marketing programs to your business requirements.  He will show you how to use created and curated content to best engage your high value audiences and move them from suspects to prospects to customers.

To create your social media marketing plan, Randy uses a proven 4-step process.

Step 1 – Discovery – will focus on your business goals, analysis of your marketing programs and your current customer databases, analysis of competitors, examination of new technologies and social media, and interviews with key executives, staff, and customers.

Step 2 – Development – will develop a holistic social media marketing plan.  This plan will integrate your sales, traditional, and digital marketing programs into a single strategy designed to impact your high value markets.  His plan will provide you a 52-week plan to grow market share and a daily plan designed to use curated and created content to build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects.  It is a holistic, Omnichannel approach to coordinating and focusing all your sales and marketing assets to best achieve your business goals and objectives.

Step 3 – Justification – creates the budgets, performance funnels and KPIs to ensure this plan will be profitable.  Randy tests the model using different scenario assumptions which highlight the plan’s strengths and weaknesses.  Weaker areas are then examined and, if required, adjusted to ensure your plan will achieve your business and marketing goals.

Step 4 – Pilot Program – is the final step in the process.  Randy will work with you test the plan to ensure it is meeting your business goals.  If components of the plan are not meeting expectations, he will work with you to modify the plan.

Today, you need a social media marketing plan which integrates all of your marketing investments into a single, focused marketing weapon to achieve your business goals.