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Building your Business and Marketing Teams

As a 25 year educator at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL as well as the 20 year President or Marketing Synergy, I have the skills to both identify the best-of-breed strategies & tactics used by companies in today’s digital, online world and then develop highly effective training session to teach these skills to your business and/or marketing teams.  These seminars can start with basic training or focus on the more sophisticated strategies, tactics, methodologies and skills required to gain competitive advantage today.  In the last 3 years, we have developed training seminars for companies targeting consumers or business ranging from the Fortune 100 to start-ups.  We have the experience, expertise, and training background to move your team forward.

In the last 3 years, Marketing Synergy has conducted training seminars in:

  • Tracking and Metrics – We developed and gave training programs on these topics at a strategic and tactical levels.  One series of training seminars focused on the metrics businesses need to develop to ensure success [KPIs, performance funnels, ROI and break-even metrics] as well as a different series of training seminars on how best to measure different integrated and digital marketing channels.  The training sessions helped senior management as well as marketing managers & staff to integrate better marketing measures into their business strategies as well as for use on a day-to-day basis.
  • Test Designs and Digital Test Programs – As a long-time direct marketer, testing is “in my blood” and I advocate continual testing of markets, offers, content & channels to always improve the performance of your marketing programs.  In the last 3 years, we developed two levels of testing seminars.  The first trained teams on test design and how to develop tests which would produce statistically reliable results in different marketing channels.  The second series of testing seminars focused on how to test in today’s digital world.  Today, companies need to incorporate testing into their website, social and mobile programs.  This set of testing seminars addressed how to test in a digital world.
  • Strategic Marketing Plans – This seminar discussed how to best develop marketing plans which are measurable and then create the marketing objectives and measurement systems to ensure marketing is achieving the goals of the organization.  This seminar also discussed options for marketing if they begin to deviate from plan.  This seminar was for senior management.
  • Social Marketing – Today, you need an effective social presence to attract new prospects and build stronger relationships with your high value markets.  This seminar examined the 3 social strategies used by companies today and discussed how to target markets to create relevant, high value content to engage your markets.  This seminar was based on our book – Social IMC – Social Strategies with Bottom-line ROI.
  • Mobile Marketing – Many marketers refer to mobile as the “only true screen” used by your customers and prospects.  To a degree, that is true.  Your organization needs to embrace mobile to design websites which adapt to mobile screens.  You also need to examine new mobile technologies and mobile apps to determine their potential value to your organization.  This series of seminars explores how to best incorporate mobile into your business strategy and marketing plans.
  • Effective Marketing Plans – Developing the right marketing mix for each high value target market is critical to success today.  You need to offer the right content through the right channel at the right time to move an individual to action.  This seminar looks at best-of-breed methodologies to build marketing plans which best impact the markets you need to develop for success.
  • Fundamentals of Project Management – It takes a team of specialists to drive your company forward and, as we move into the digital world, you need more and more specialists for success.  This seminar looks at the most effective way to create, motivate and manage multidisciplinary teams.
  • Big Data – Today, we are in a real-time world and you need to use the insights and opportunities created from effective social monitoring & marketing automation systems to build relationships on social, mobile and website systems.  This seminar looks at Big Data from a business perspective and shows best-of-breed examples of big data marketing and business systems.
  • Marketing Analytics– Digital technologies are changing the ways businesses relate and build relationships with customers and prospects.  In this seminar, we examine the new analytics systems which are required to drive Nurture marketing strategies, develop interactive, real-time websites, and create automated marketing programs to take advantage of the real-time power of digital.
  • Integrated Marketing Strategies and Tactics – This seminar looks into the “traditional” marketing channels like email, DRTV, banner advertising, websites, SEO, PPC, banner advertising, Facebook advertising, direct mail, sales force and other channels.  It shows how best to integrate them into your company’s digital strategy.
  • Building your Company’s Professional Persona – Blogging and forums afford your organization the opportunity to establish your expertise in different social communities.  This seminars shows how these interactive technologies work and teaches your staff easy, effective ways to blog and build a following to engage with the markets you want to develop.

 If you want more information on these seminars or want to discuss your specific business challenges for us to develop a customized seminar, click on the button below & we can set up a teleconference, Go To Meeting or Skype session to discuss your needs.

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