Prosper is a step by step methodology to design, justify and implement a 52-week schedule to grow your market share, build strong customer and prospect relationships and create advocates who recommend and rate your products and services.  Coming soon.

This is an example of how I approach digital content in my new book – Prosper.  It is designed to find the audiences you want to sell, attract and engage them, and build strong relationships so they will seek you out or consider you when they are ready to buy.

Free Market Planning workbook / Template for 2019

To help you structure your digital marketing plan, you need a workbook which allows you to identify key events, holidays and topics of importance to your high value audience and gives you a 52-week planning schedule to use to develop the plan.  This spreadsheet does both.  

It’s free

Digital Marketing Planner for 2019 Prosper

Oakton College March 27-28 2019

Here are the slides used in the presentation.  It also has the links to my YouTube training site for free marketing and social media / social analytics tools.  Let me know if you have any questions on what we covered or how you can use them to grow your business!

Social Media Marketing Strategies Final for online

Building your Professional Persona Webinar

Coursera Webinar on March 13, 2019

Today, you need to develop your professional persona using social media.  It is vital for you and your organization to connect with influencers in the theme and topic areas most interesting to your high value markets.  This is a webinar where I provide a highly effective way to build your professional persona with minimal time and resource investments.  In the webinar, I give you the tools and instructions to let you build your professional persona and grow your follower base – every day.

Download the Webinar PDF

To augment the video, here is the PDF you can download to better follow the webinar.

Building your Professional Persona vf


The New Digital Marketing Model

Coursera Webinar on March 26, 2019

Many companies struggle to build a digital marketing strategy which integrates sales and marketing with social and web marketing.  This is a webinar I presented at a Coursera Community webinar event on March 26 on the subject “The New Digital Marketing Strategy”.  It is a proven 10-step process designed to build a 52-week plan to engage your high value markets, grow your market share & build more satisfied customers [and then ask them for a review / rating]. 

The webinar had an international audience with attendees from 39 countries!  Good Q&A throughout the webinar.

Download the Webinar PDF

To augment the video, here is the PDF you can download to better follow the webinar.

The New Digital Marketing Model vf with no build slides

Defining, Quantifying and Valuation of your High Value Target Markets

I am a fanatic about quantifying and defining the high value markets you want to develop.  If you can’t define them, it is nearly impossible to gain the insights necessary to build a profitable marketing program.  The first step I take with my clients and my students is for them to quantify the business or consumer markets they want to develop.  This is a set of videos which show you how to define business and consumer markets using FREE big data, cloud-based national databases in the US.  I will have others for international targeting.  

As you watch these training videos, remember, these are real marketing systems.  If you find 1 million names at the end of your criteria search, you can order email address, phone numbers or both for a one-time marketing effort.  The numbers are not just real but they are actionable.

The source is InfoUSA