Online Education Courses

To better build your business in the post-pandemic marketplace, MSI has created a series of online education programs.  Each is designed to give you the tools, training and skills to most effectively develop your social media marketing, digital marketing, and content strategies and tactics.  Designed for a worldwide audience, they give you hands-on training to:

  • Help entrepreneurs build their startup business and marketing plans
  • Help CEOs best position their brands and their organizations
  • Help marketers build effective social media and influencer marketing programs
  • Help individuals to become influencers in the markets they want to develop

These are proven programs that quickly give you skills you can use everyday to grow your business and increase its profitability.

Northwestern Social Media Marketing Specialization

social media marketing social analytics content strategy content marketingOne of the largest social media marketing online programs in the world, the Northwestern Social Media Marketing Specialization explores the major strategies and tactics used by companies today to build their businesses.  The program consists of 5 MOOCs [Major Open Online Classes] which explore the strategies, tactics, and methodologies used to build effective, profitable social media marketing programs.  During each MOOC, participants are given free social analytics tools, templates, and expert videos to help them build social media marketing programs tailored to their specific market and specific target audience.  It is a global online educational program which is structured to tailor itself to your goals.

At the end of the program, students receive a Certificate of Completion from Northwestern University and can have potential employers call the University to confirm their course certification.  Take a look at one of the most successful social media marketing online programs.  The Northwestern Social Media Marketing Specialization

Northwestern Content Strategy for Professionals

social media marketing content strategy content media digital online educationDesigned by John Lavine – former Dean of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing Communications [IMC] – this highly successful online program is designed to provide you the tools, skills and knowledge to create high impact content to attract, engage and – ultimately sell – your high value prospects and leads.  It is a hands-on program which challenges you to improve your business or your startup plan with every video.  Hear from experts in content, communication and marketing in the effective online program.  Learn more about the Northwestern Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization

Advanced Industry & Market Analytics – Coming Soon

strategic planning market planning industry analytics business analysis market analyticsCurrently in Beta Testing

To build a successful startup, strategic plan or consumer-focused marketing or content strategy, you need up-to-date, relevant and high impact information.  This course is designed to give you the tools you need to succeed.  Designed as a part of Randy Hlavac’s graduate social media marketing programs at Northwestern, this online course will allow you to build a business plan customized to your business by focusing on:

  • Your Industry and Your Competition
  • Your Business and the vision, mission and values you communicate on your website and social assets
  • The High Value Market you want to attract and turn into customers or followers

See more about the program by watching this introduction video [coming soon] 

Advanced Social Media Marketing – Coming Soon

social media marketing Marketing Synergy MSI Randy HlavacCurrently in Development

This online program is an exploration of the strategic, tactics, and systems required to develop an effective social commerce system.  Today, consumers expect a seamless link between your social systems and your eCommerce and on-ground businesses.  This course explores the best ways to connect with your high value audience, create multimedia content to attract, engage and sell them, communicate and converse with them to build strong relationships and let them know when you have created new content for them, and then determine the winning content and cascade it into multimedia to reach all of your target market.

I am currently actively recording the videos for this program.  Our target launch is September 2021