New Articles & White Papers

TechRepublic – Why your company needs to be on Instagram and strategies to jumpstart your ‘gram brand  7/2021

This article by R Dillon Adams shows how companies can best start connecting with their high value audiences using Instagram.  Even if you aren’t active now, you should consider it if you are targeting younger audiences.  I was honored to have been asked to contribute to the article.  Instagram should be a part of your digital marketing mix.  Instagram Article

McKinsey – The Growth Triple Play – Creativity, Analytics & Purpose   1/2021

McKinsey Business Strategy Creative Content Strategy Marketing StrategyThis McKinsey study focuses on the importance of Creativity, Analytics & Purpose in your business strategy and marketing programs.  This study has lots of great charts and facts about how business results are improved with this “triple play” combination.  A worthwhile read.  The Growth Triple Play – Creativity, Analytics and Purpose

McKinsey – The Next New Normal Has Arrived    1/2021

McKinsey Next New Normal Social Media Marketing Entrepreneurs

McKinsey’s study on the New Normal is packed with recommendations, useful quotes and key insights into how business will be conducted in this New Normal.  It is a study with your time to read and implement.  See it at Next New Normal from McKinsey

Adobe Digital Index 2021

Adobe Digital Economy Index Social Media Marketing MSI Marketing Synergy

Each quarter, Adobe analyzes ONE TRILLION visits to retail and online stores and analyzes them to determine the state of our global digital economy today and to identify key trends impacting our world today.  They also identify new technologies and new social media which are changing the ways consumers – both B2B and B2C – are responding in the “New Normal” post-pandemic marketplace.  Sign up to receive this FREE report by going to Adobe Digital Economy Index.

Hootsuite Social Trends 2021 

Hootsuite Social Trends 2021 Social Media Marketing MSI Marketing Synergy

This is the 5th year of Hootsuite publishing its key Social Media and Social Media Marketing trends.  This year, it focuses on ROI, finding your space in the social arena and other important trends.  It is a fast but very worthwhile read.  Download their FREE report or view the video at Hootsuite Social Trends 2021

Deloitte Digital on Post-Covid Business   11/2020

Deloitte Social Media Marketing Pandemic Recommendations

The consulting firm of Deloitte Digital published an interesting white paper on how business must change in a post-pandemic marketplace.  The white paper explores how business, marketing and technology will change the digital marketplace…forever.  I also like their Business Trend Framework [page 11].  It is the start of the social commerce framework I am researching today.  Very useful evaluation of the business trends you need to consider as we come out of our pandemic focused world.  The post-pandemic marketplace offers important opportunities if you are willing to adapt an online, real-time, social commerce perspective.  Read the full report for free at Deloitte Digital Covid-19 Induced Business Trends

Training Videos


TubeBuddy Social Media Marketing YouTube Social Analytics Tool

TubeBuddy is an awesome, FREE #socialanalytics tool for YouTube It lets you monitor & learn from your competition & provides tips to improve all of your video posts. You can read about it on the MSI social media marketing blog or watch this video

Hootsuite Free Tool

Hootsuite Social Scheduling Social Automation Social Media Marketing Management

Hootsuite is an excellent social media marketing manager and scheduler.  You put in your social media assets and then you can schedule messages to one, any or all of them.  You set the date, time and enter the message, graphic and links.  Hootsuite does the rest.  Today, I teach students to create one and market often.  Hootsuite lets me create content and then schedule marketing over a period of weeks – at all different times – to ensure I reach my target market.  Be sure to start with the free version…you can always upgrade.

Content Curation

To succeed today, you need a steady stream of information and content which appeal to your target audience.  The problem is you likely don’t have the time or the resources to create content continually.  That is where influencers come in.  Finding influencers on relevant topics – especially topics where you have limited expertise – is a great way to curate their content for your audience.  This video gives you an overview of content curation and why it is important to your organization

Adobe CMO Site

CMO Adobe digital marketing creative content

The CMO – Digital Marketing Strategies & Trends from Adobe

If you are looking for inspiration of great content and graphics and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategies, look no further than The CMO from Adobe.   It provides thought leadership content from CMOs and graphics designers, digital marketing strategies, interviews, and trends to keep you up-to-date on how to best incorporate digital into your marketing strategies and tactics.  Take a few minutes to check out The CMO from Adobe!

Books & eBooks

Social IMC   Randy Hlavac

Social IMC Social Media Marketing Randy Hlavac

I wrote Social IMC to outline the 3 social media marketing strategies being used today.  It is an overview of the best ways to grow your market share and build stronger relationships with your high value audiences.  While there are newer tactics which I explore in my online courses, these strategies are still the drivers of digital marketing today.  Purchase it on Amazon by clicking HERE

500 Social Media Tips   Andrew McCarthy

Social Media Marketing Social Sites Tips Marketing Synergy Social media marketing

500 Social Media Marketing Tips by Andrew McCarthy is a text I use in my Northwestern University classes and one I highly recommend.  It goes through all of the major social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, PInterest, YouTube, Snapchat, TicTok and more – and provides you with tips and instructions on how to build BUSINESS social pages designed to attract your high value audiences.  It is an extremely useful book but BE SURE TO GET THE UPDATED VERSION!

Content Chemistry V5  Andy Crestodina

Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Content Chemistry Andy Crestodina

Content Chemistry by Andy Crestodina is another text I use in my Northwestern graduate and undergraduate classes on Social Media Marketing.  Andy and his company – Orbit Media – are experts in building websites with content designed to attract, engage and sell your high value audiences.  This is a great book that is 1/2 theory and the other 1/2 application.  A great addition to your digital marketing library

Media – From Chaos to Clarity  Edition 2   Judy Franks

Media Judy Franks Digital media Social Media Marketing Marketing Synergy

Media – From Chaos to Clarity by Judy Franks is a “must read”.  Judy outlines how media has changed today and gives you important insights into how to best develop your content strategy.  Today, content controls media…not the other way around and Judy is one of the best in showing you its impact on your business or on your influencer marketing plans.

Cool Infographics   Randy Krum

Infographics Social media marketing social media content strategy

Randy Krum is an expert in developing high impact infographics to use to attract your high value prospects.  Cool Infographics explores the power of infographics, shows you how to make them, overviews free tools to make them and shows you how to best use them in your social media marketing programs.  They are a great form of evergreen content you can use for years.

Social Media Benchmark Reports

Wordstream Google Ad Benchmarks 2021

Wordstream Google Ads Benchmarks Social media marketing

Wordstream offers updated benchmark reports showing you the click-through rates, purchase rates and other key metrics – BY INDUSTRY – for Google Ads.  These reports are critical to your strategy planning process to determine likely funnel performance