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Since 1990, Marketing Synergy has been working with clients who want to maximize ROI for their sales & marketing investments.  Social media and web use is exploding — Nielsen Online reports that time spent by Americans on social networks grew 43% over the past year...and - more and more - the only way you will reach future prospects is through Social IMC - integrating social, mobile, web, and email into a single, integrated & powerful marketing program.  We are experts in creating social, digital, web & traditional Integrated Marketing programs designed to impact, acquire, and develop your highest value markets and communities.  We integrate your marketing, sales & PR investments and get them working in harmony.
For some of our clients, we are their marketing or analytics department.  Others treat us as marketing mentors providing consultation, training, and guidance to address their sales and marketing needs.  Because we work business and consumer companies ranging from start-ups through to Fortune 100 companies, we often start with a Social EKG or 1/2 day Business Planning Session.  The Social EKG shows the power of social marketing while the Business Planning Session wll offer a professional opinion on your marketing & sales strategies and produce an action plan you can use to justify your marketing budget.

Social Marketing
Social EKG
Business Planning Sessions
Social Marketing with an ROI focus is critical for growth.  Marketing Synergy pioneered a process which integrates social, mobile, web, and integrated marketing to grow market share & build your business quickly!
A Social EKG is a quick and effective way to use social monitoring to learn about your markets, your competitors, and your company.  What are the HOT topics in my industry?  How are we perceived relative to our competitors?  Who are the key influencers I need to develop? These are only a few of the questions addressed in a Social EKG from Marketing Synergy
The MSI Business Planning Session combines our thought leadership and social marketing experience with your marketing and sales expertise.  These 1/2 day sessions explore the new trends you need to be following, shifts that are occuring in your marketplace as new technologies become more used & how your markets are reacting to these changes.  It is a fast paced, informative session which produces an action plan to guide your marketing efforts.
 Marketing Synergy has effective, fast paced learning seminars on a number of "C-level" business and marketing topics.  From Social Media, Market Research, Product Development, Branding, and other topics, we have seminars which will educate, inspire, and move your business and marketing teams to action.


Who uses Marketing Synergy?

We work with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 firms.  Our mission is to provide your company the social, mobile, and web strategic and tactical expertise you need to move to the next level of growth.  Because we are a virtual organization, we have linked up with best-in-class companies to offer you the right resource mix for your sales & marketing challenges. 

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More and more of our class time is spent considering how incorporate gaming into our social marketing strategies.  Here is an intersting story from Adam Kleinberg and Mashable to get you started learning about this powerful marketing tool.

  Here tweeting is a class requirement - An article about my Social Marketing course at Northwestern
Social Mention is a great piece of free software you should use.
Alltop, Mashable, and other sites discusses some useful site you should be using today

Blog Articles

Social Media Week Chicago Sept 18 - 23 - Social Media Week is a series of seminars, sessions, parties, and events happening in 10 major cities across the globe ... including Chicago.  As a member of their board, I know there are going to be great sessions on social media, blogging and great networking events throughout the week.  As a marketer, you need to be at these events.  Not in Chicago, they will all be live streamed for your viewing.  Read more by clicking on the link above.

Two Social Networking Strategies - Part 1
Building Better Web Communities - The better you define and target your high value communities, the better your social ROI results.  This article discusses how communities are formed
Are you Mashable - Mashable is a resource marketers need to use.  This article discusses why.


Speaking Events

June 22 - MENG Webinar on Social Marketing with an ROI Focus

July 22 - Bridge Conference in Baltimore on "Finding the ROI in Social Marketing"

October 6 - DMA Post Intensive






 I teach graduate and undergraduate programs at Northwestern's Medill IMC program and head the part-time graduate program
 I work with the CADM and speak at their area conferences. 
We fully support the code of ethics of the Web Analytics Association


 - Companies deploy social networks in one of two ways...Socializing Strategies and Social IMC.  This article discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the Socializing StrategySix Things I told the Pawn Queens - I had the opportunity to be on TLC's Pawn Queens as their marketing expert.  They wanted to know the trends impacting marketing and social marketing today.  This is what I told them.

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